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Hemlock Tattoo is a women led tattoo shop founded by in Calgary, AB by Taylor Hudson, Janeen Scott, Geneva Haley and Marlee Watts. At Hemlock all are welcome as we stand in solidarity with BIPOC communities, embraces all gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and bodies. 

We deeply value the privilege of tattooing and demonstrate our passion through the high-quality work we produce and the meaningful relationships we establish with our clients. Recognizing our privilege as tattooers, we use our platform to create a space that promotes open communication and consent.

From its inception, Hemlock has been guided by the principles of trauma-informed care and consent-based tattoo training to challenge outdated norms and work towards a safer, more inclusive industry. With this in mind, we endeavour to create an environment that cultivates healing and empowerment, always mindful of respecting boundaries, bodily autonomy, and the comfort levels of both clients and staff throughout the tattooing process.

What distinguishes Hemlock is our steadfast dedication to implementing concrete, tangible measures, in stark contrast to the prevalent use of superficial or insincere language often found in the industry. These measures include but aren’t limited to ongoing education, transparent public policies, conduct protocols, public accountability and the establishment of a third-party reporting system. Through these initiatives, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their safety and comfort remain our foremost priority while receiving a high quality tattoo.

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Why we chose the name Hemlock Tattoo

The effects of the Hemlock poison paralyze the body and stop all functioning of the nervous system. Symbolically, this plant paralyzes energies, thus imposing an end. Embodying the power of this namesake we plan to play a role in educating and ending preventable harm occurring within the tattoo industry and in our wider culture. 


If an animal ingests Poison Hemlock and lives, their organs will carry the poison within. If that creature is preyed upon by another animal, the predator will likely succumb to the poison. We all carry within us the poison of past harms and injustices and we can use that poison to protect ourselves and others from harm and harmful environments. At Hemlock Tattoo we are actively trying to reduce those patterns of injustice, harassment and abuse and to replace them with education, compassion and safety. 

We have chosen Poison Hemlock as our symbol of power, potency and subversion.

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