Janeen Scott is an ever curious lover of symbolism and feminine iconography. As a 2018 graduate with distinction from The Alberta University of the Arts, her education facilitated her to channel her interest in art history, feminist theory, religion, mythology and occultism into a robust contemporary art practice where she created large scale figurative drawings that drew imagery and symbols from early christian art, witchcraft practices and folklore. Through her under-graduate degree she was actively pursuing a career in tattooing, preparing a portfolio heavily influenced by the research and work she was creating in her studio.

Beginning her apprenticeship shortly after graduating, tattooing quickly became one of the most important parts of her creative life. Having the privilege to continue exploring the imagery and symbols she is forever fascinated by while connecting with the many people who want her work tattooed is the largest pleasure of her career. 

Janeen works on a books open/books closed system and only accepts new proposals for custom work when her books are open.

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Recent Work