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If you are interested in being a guest artist at Hemlock, please review the following information. Please feel free to email to inquire. Space and time is limited due to the small size of our studio.

Hemlock has strict safety and conduct policies that apply to both artists and clients when they are in the shop. You can
read them here.

We also require any guest artists to have their blood borne pathogens certification. If you don't have it already you can take it online for $35 here.


We require all artists to complete a trauma informed tattooing workshop before guest spotting at Hemlock, as this is a main philosophy we operate under. You can take a trauma informed tattooing workshop here.

We will supply you with all the set up materials, as well as wash bottles but please bring your own machine, needles, power supply, etc. We can supply you with  black ink but please bring any specific coloured ink you might want.

Hemlock takes
30% of guest artists total sales (not including your tips.) We are a cash only shop but you're welcome to accept e transfer as well.

We are located at
1 -1111 3 St SE, T2G 2S8, Calgary, AB, Canada. We are open Tuesday- Saturday 12-6pm. Please do not book clients o
utside of those hours if possible. If you wish to have access to our studio earlier or later, please arrange this before your arrival.

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