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With a whole life dedicated to art and over 10 years of tattooing under her belt, Taylor takes great care and consideration in every tattoo she creates. From the consultation and booking process to the end result, Taylor makes sure her clients are comfortable and happy every step of the way. Specializing in colour and inspired by the neo traditional style, the subject matter that Taylor loves to tattoo most are animals, floral/nature, video games, anime, and mystical themes.

Taylor has a books open/books closed system and books 4 months at a time.  Three times a year, Taylor will open her books and post a link to a booking form to her Instagram profile and mailing list. You can fill out the form with the required information, then she will respond back within a few weeks time. For more information on the booking process and announcements on when her books open, you can check out her Instagram profile, or sign up for her mailing list to receive the same info via email.


If you have any general questions about Taylor’s booking or the tattoo process, check out her tattoo FAQ link below!

To contact Taylor of general info, you can email her here.

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