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Geneva Haley is an artist and tattooer who hails from the middle of nowhere Alberta, Canada. She credits her rural roots as a key influence in her contemporary work. She studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, completing her Bachelor of Design in Illustration in 2016. Geneva was a full-time illustrator for 4 years before she began her tattoo apprenticeship, this allowed her a lot of real world experience to develop her craft, distinct style, and professionalism with all things creative.


Geneva has a never-ending interest in pushing the genre of western culture into a more inclusive modern context. She specializes in rural imagery, landscape, architecture, music, embroidery, and all things flora and fauna. She believes that getting tattooed can greatly aid in feeling ownership and autonomy over the body, by making it a deeply personalized space. Whether it is something small and silly, or large and life changing: It is her priority and privilege to help her clients evolve into whatever they wish to be.


Her 2019 painting show SCRAPS, is currently on tour across western Canada through the Alberta Foundation For the Arts. When she is not working she can either be found making music, or playing outside. 

Geneva primarily focuses on FLASH ONLY. When her books are open custom work, she prioritizes larger scale pieces. You can find out if her custom bookings are open by checking out her instagram bio. She releases new flash every Tuesday, on her Instagram. To book an appointment with Geneva, please fill out her request form on her website. For all other inquiries email her at:

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